As a designer who embraced adjustments needed by the ongoing pandemic while keeping the concept of creating a more livable city in mind, I took on a significant role in the relaunch of the city’s beloved series of events, Sunday Streets. My primary responsibility was in communications, but I seamlessly transitioned into leading the art design for the entire campaign, spanning printed materials, digital content, and newsletter materials throughout the year.
This project was marked by collaboration with multiple city-wide entities, including various organizations, non-profits, government agencies, local print shops — and collaborating with beautiful artwork by local artist Breena Nuñez. Together, we orchestrated a successful revival of the Sunday Streets event, which was now adapted to accommodate the health and safety precautions essential during the pandemic.
My role as an Art Director, Communications Associate and the caffeinated wizard wearing multiple hats at any given time in this endeavor — allowed me to contribute to the ongoing presence of Livable City by facilitating events that fostered a sense of togetherness and resilience, all while adhering to the necessary precautions and guidelines brought about by the pandemic.
I played a pivotal role in designing, producing, and distributing printed materials for MUNI, which were instrumental in promoting city-wide events throughout 2022. These materials were not only informative but also visually engaging, featuring event details, URLs, sponsor information, and the 2022 campaign artwork.
The printed materials I crafted served as powerful tools for promoting the events, enabling residents and visitors alike to access event details, register, and engage with sponsors. They were strategically distributed across the city, reaching a broad audience and generating excitement and anticipation for the events scheduled throughout the year.
In summary, my role in designing, producing, and distributing these printed materials for MUNI significantly contributed to the success of the city’s 2022 events. These materials not only informed but also inspired participation, reinforcing MUNI's commitment to creating vibrant and engaging experiences for the community.
One of the key aspects of my role was ensuring that the printed materials on these signage systems catered to the accessibility needs of the community. I paid careful attention to factors such as font size, contrast, and readability to ensure that the information was easily comprehensible to a wide range of individuals, including those with diverse accessibility requirements.
Moreover, recognizing the linguistic diversity within the neighborhood districts, I coordinated the inclusion of information in multiple languages on the navigation signage systems. This involved translation services and layout adjustments to accommodate various scripts, making navigation effortless for residents and visitors alike.
By facilitating the monthly creation of sponsor-supported navigation signage systems and ensuring the accessibility of printed materials in multiple languages, I contributed to enhancing the overall experience of individuals navigating these diverse neighborhood districts. My role was pivotal in making important information accessible, promoting inclusivity, and enriching the community’s connection with their surroundings.

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